Internship Opportunity


Mobility Provisioning Analyst

Number of Positions:
Application Deadline:
Dec 04, 2020
Start Date:
Dec 07, 2020
End Date:
Oct 29, 2021

Job Description:

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Title: Mobility Provisioning Analyst

Contract duration: until Oct. 31 2021

Starting date: ASAP

Address: WFH & transition to 330 Front Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 3B7

What is the job?

Responsible for Service Request Management for Mobility Provisioning Services and related initiative/project coordination/support within GMPS to meet the requirements of RBC.  To function as relationship owner, working with service providers, to ensure effective and efficient provisioning, implementation and operations support for the Mobility Provisioning Services.  To carry out Mobile voice services procurement and related initiatives/activities while ensuring quality process is maintained in support of our Business Units.  To reduce costs and maintain/increase efficiencies through innovative solutions.  

What will you do?

Primary Responsibilities:

Implementation and Procurement:

  • Service Request Management ie Fulfillment of MAC (move, add, and change) activity for all Mobile Voice Telecom Services across the RBC enterprise.
  • Manage/Coordinate small project initiatives pertaining to the Mobile Voice Telecom Services across the RBC enterprise.
  • Support and execute on Service Transition activities on small/Large initiatives with direction as a member of the GMPS Team in support of existing team goals/objectives.
  • Manage/Maintain DAC.
  • To ensure Private Policy is respected
  • To ensure technical solutions meet the needs of our business units in a cost efficient manner.
  • Responsible for implementation and order Quality and associated process management/operations.
  • To ensure Quality process and operations.

Asset Management:

  • Maintain all Mobile telecom voice services/assets within RBC.
  • Ensure all service/assets are properly built.

Cost Control :

  • Ensure that all costs relative to Mobile telecom voice services are accurate against existing contracts/pricing.

Project Coordination:

  • To coordinate Mobile voice telecom initiatives in support of our Business Unit needs and ensure deadlines are met.

Relationship Management:

  • Managing the relationship with Mobile telecom voice service providers as it pertains to day-to-day operations in support of Mobile telecom Services provisioning across the RBC enterprise.


  • FAQ / Process streamlining in support of the BU/End User
  • Accountable for consultation and issue resolution as first point of inquiry/escalation and problem resolution for all provisioning/procurement activities.

What will help you succeed in this role?

A key focus for this position is contributing to a team with strong technical and management capabilities, whose efforts will be directed to increasing efficiencies, controlling cost and providing innovative solutions to internal clients.

  • College/university background in Information Systems/Technology or Telecommunications
  • Change Management: Embraces Change
  • Client Impact: Delivers Client Service
  • Collaboration: Works Collaboratively
  • Competitive Edge: Maintains RBC’s Competitive Advantage
  • Execution Excellence: Delivers Personal and Team Performance
  • Impact & Influence: Builds Influence
  • People Development: Develops Self and Others
  • Simplification & Efficiency: Makes Work Simpler, Faster
  • Strategic Orientation: Prioritizes Work for Self and Others


Key Behavioral / Technical Competencies:

  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Technical , analytical and problem solving
  • Listening, understanding and responding
  • Achievement motivation
  • Initiative and service partner orientation
  • Communication (oral and written)
  • Concern for Order and Quality
  • Business and Financial Insight: Applies Business Understanding to Make Sound Decision, Customer service, end user support, experience dealing with executives
  • Working on service requests/tickets from end users to fulfill requests or investigate/troubleshoot issues
  • Familiarity with wireless carriers and the wireless business
  • Experience working with vendors
  • Analytical skills in reviewing data to look at discrepancies

Working conditions?

70% - Voice Services Order Processing (Service Request Management/Change Management/Incident Management/Service Transition participation.

20% - Voice Services Initiative/project coordination.

10% - personal Development

Employer Question 1:

: Do you have a college/university background in Information Systems/Technology or Telecommunications?

Employer Question 2:

Do you require any accommodations for the interviewing and recruitment process?

Employer Question 3:

Please rate your oral and written English communication skills on a rating scale of 1-4