Internship Opportunity


Jr. Developer

Vincent Associates
Professional Services
Number of Positions:
Application Deadline:
Feb 27, 2019
Start Date:
Mar 04, 2019
End Date:
Dec 17, 2019

Job Description:

Job Title:  Junior Developer

Purpose of Job:

The Junior Developer is accountable to the Vice President Development for participating in the full software development lifecycle of applications and integrations by providing programming skills to develop and maintain portions of multiple systems, as directed by Intermediate and Senior Developers.

Reports to:  Vice President Development, Direct Reports:  None

Major Accountabilities:

1. Develops sub-routines or portions of objects/processes to support functional specifications/business requirements into technical specifications and logical system processes by evaluating different approaches and technologies, in order to propose elegant technical solutions
2.  Designs and develops portions of applications under the guidance of senior and intermediate developer adhering to best practices in programming and testing to produce well-structured and commented code.

3. Participates in developing enhancements and performing maintenance on existing applications and in order to address deficiencies and performance concerns as directed by senior development staff. 

4. Participates in developing unit tests, test scripts and data to support test protocols in order to deploy to staging.

5. Supports functional testing by executing unit tests against modified code to ensure correct execution.

Education/Work Experience/Designations

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, College computer related certification or 1 - 2 years relevant experience
  • Demonstrated ability to follow process, instruction and company guidelines
  • Demonstrated communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to adopt new technology

Working Environment:

Working Conditions – work is performed in a comfortable office environment

35 hrs/week; frequent work interruptions and tight/unexpected deadlines

Mental Effort – Frequent need to concentrate on a variety of sensory inputs for lengthy durations of time requiring diligence and attention to interpret effectively (undertaking analysis, participate in meetings, technical troubleshooting, programming)

Physical Effort – Majority of time is spent sitting in a comfortable position with frequent opportunity to move about; almost continuous periods of keyboarding

Key Contacts: (Internal)

Position/Deptment/Unit        Reason                                 Frequency

VP Development:    Clarify project prioritization   As required.

Senior Developer:  Receive subject matter expertise on system design and translation of requirements into codable function.   Daily

Project Owner:   Provide progress updates, issue reporting and feedback on viability of design.  Daily.

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