Internship Opportunity


Conditions Review Analyst

Manulife Financial
Number of Positions:
Application Deadline:
Apr 18, 2021
Start Date:
Apr 19, 2021
End Date:
Oct 31, 2021

Job Description:


The primary responsibility of this role is to review all mortgage related documents required for a residential mortgage to ensure documents received are in good order and in accordance with the Bank’s Residential Mortgage Underwriting Policies and Standards. This individual must have a clear understanding of the Bank’s mortgage products, credit policies and compliance regulations to ensure all residential mortgages
are set up in accordance with the policies and the bank’s interest in the property is protected




  • Review all incoming mortgage documentation and supporting lending underwriting
  • Documentation to ensure they comply with the residential underwriting standards and  Manulife Bank’s policies. Documentation includes signed Operating Agreement, ID Verification, Income Verification, confirmation of down payment, confirmation of square footage and heating costs, confirmation of payouts and current mortgage statements, etc.
  • Ensure that all data entered on the Mortgage End-to-End system by the Mortgage Specialist or Mortgage Support Solutions team accurately reflects what is contained in the supporting documentation.
  • Review the Equifax reports on Mortgage End-to-End for conditionally approved files to identify any abnormalities that may require further underwriting review.
  • If there are any discrepancies or missing documentation, the incumbent must follow up to obtain the correct documentation and either notify the Mortgage Specialist to obtain the proper documentation or forward to the mortgage underwriting team for further assessment.
  • Required to provide the title insurers with accurate instructions in order to have the mortgage documents executed and signed by the mortgagee(s). This includes providing the title insurers with all mortgage related documents including but not limited to the following: Operating Agreement, payout authorizations, tax bill, mortgage statement,statements for unsecured paydowns, purchase/sale agreement, etc.
  • Prepare the file for funding once complete and ensure any special conditions are noted for the funders to ensure the file is funded accurately.
  • Establish and maintain strong working relationships with both internal teams and the sales team by being proactive, demonstrating solid problem solving and decision making skills while ensuring that credit policies and procedures are being adhered to for all residential mortgages.


Qualifications and requirements:


  • Bilingual in English and French is a requirement.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in the residential mortgage field.
  • Solid understanding of the mortgage business and documentation required for mortgage origination.
  • Solid understanding of the following credit and lending concepts:
    • Cost of Funds
    • Liquidity
    • Product pricing and risk-reward relationship
    • Debt servicing ratios and how they are calculated in relation to lending
  • Thorough understanding of loan insurance and the Bank’s underwriting guidelines for core insured lending programs.
  • Ability to read and interpret financial statements, understand the connection between income statement and balance sheet figures, calculate liquidity, debt service and leverage ratios and understand the implications of the proposed lending on the applicant’s financial statements.
  • Understanding of appraisals, how they are conducted and what to look for in an appraisal related to the mortgage origination process.
  • Knowledge of the processes, procedures, legal and regulatory requirements related to the purchase and sale of residential homes.
  • Solid knowledge of the mortgage products with the Manulife Bank portfolio.
  • Solid knowledge of the various changes clients can make to their mortgage account and the documentation and underwriting required for each.
  • Knowledge and general understanding of construction mortgages and industry customs and practices including construction procedures and phases, delivery procedures, sweat equity, quality and specifications of construction materials, contract terms and conditions including liens and reputation of the construction companies in the areas in which they operate.
  • Strong analytical and decision making skills.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Strong customer centric focus.

Employer Question 1:

Do you speak French?

Employer Question 2:

Do you have any experience in the residential mortgage field? If yes, how many years?

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